Our Philosophy

We created Snag for one simple reason - we believe that anyone who wants to wear tights should be able to have tights that genuinely fit in comfort, regardless of size, shape, age or gender. Snag is absolutely NOT a plus size brand - we are here to create tights for everyone, not just particular groups.

We do not create 'plus size tights'. For a start, in a world where 60% of women are size 14 or above 'plus size' is no longer plus, its the new normal. But also making only 'plus size' tights would be just another way of excluding some people, and we passionately believe NOBODY should be excluded. We try to be a fully size inclusive brand, and to make our products accessible and available to everyone.

We are also passionate about making everything we do as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible. We don't use any plastic in our packaging and we are working hard with our suppliers to make our tights as eco-friendly as they can be.

Above all, we do what we do to make life a little bit better for our customers. When we started we knew that making tights that actually fit would be a good thing, but we had no idea exactly how much of an impact it would have on our customers lives. We've been blown away to hear the stories of people whose life has been fundamentally improved by better tights, and its these stories that inspire us to keep creating new and better products.

"Usually bigger sized tights are just bigger in the body and not in the legs but these are perfect! They fit like a dream. They went on without me having to try and drag them up the last couple of inches and not once during the day did I have to try and hitch them back up again. Never did I think that wearing tights would be so comfortable. Thank you for a fantastic product that absolutely lives up to its advertising :-)"

"Totally back in love with tights, skirts and dresses thanks to you! Well done 👏💙"

"Thank you, after having a total knee replacement in June I thought I would never wear tights again. I didn't struggle to get them on and they were sooo comfortable on my scar. Well done Snag tights. "

"I wore tights for the first time in twenty years the other day thanks to 'snag tights' very comfortable and fit was amazing I even forgot I had them on at one point they were so comfortable. Thank you so much."

"I'd given up on tights until I tried these on a whim. Absolute game changers, 2nd order put through last night. Love, love, love Snag tights!"

"I’ve recommended them to so many. Cannot tell u how many years I’ve struggled and snag tights fit amazingly! Able to wear so much more of my clothes now x"

"I love love love my new snag tights! Today was the first day i have worn them and I wondered why i waited so long! Absolutely amazing - thank you for allowing me to wear a dress again to work!!"

"Omg omg! After so long seeing your ads and being reluctant. I finally ordered! And omg! They are the BEST tights ive ever ever worn! Being big and tall. It doeant matter what tights i had they always fell down! These fit perfect! So excited! "

"I’m not one for dresses and I hate tights. I’m tall and round and they never fit and feel uncomfortable. I knew for my daughters graduation I had to give it another go. Ordered a nice dress from an online store and a pair of snag tights. They were perfect so comfy , didn’t roll down or twist can thoroughly recommend."

"So so so so so so happy with my Snag tights! I ordered one pair months ago and was very reluctant and lacked confidence to wear.... wore them last week and ordered 5 more pairs!!!!! Not worn tights since I was a child, didn’t think it was possible at my size and height. Thank you so much Snag for thinking about EVERYONE!!!! ❤️❤️😍😍"




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